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    Greetings From the 9th Panzer Division


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    Greetings From the 9th Panzer Division

    Post  9thPanzerDivision on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:44 am

    Unit Name: 9th Panzer Division
    CO: Haupt. Houck
    XO: ObLtn. Vickers
    NCOIC: Stfldw. Harris
    Unit Liaison: ObLtn. Vickers
    Soldier Count: 20
    Website/Forums: http://www.9thpanzer.com
    Server IP(s):
    Ventrilo/TeamSpeak: N/A
    Additional Notes: Greetings from the 9th panzers. We are a day of defeat source german unit. We do realisms and scrims. We also do pub realisms if the people in the pub want to. So please come and join us on our server. Hope to see you on the battlefield.

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