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    Greetings from Fatal Agents


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    Greetings from Fatal Agents Empty Greetings from Fatal Agents

    Post  M3ph0l0gy on Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:37 pm

    Unit Name: Fatal Agents
    Founder: Desert
    Leader: Shadow Slayer
    Unit Liaison: Any FA member
    Scrim Liaison: Byron/Shadow Slayer/M3ph0l0gy/Click
    Website: fatalagents com
    Forum: fatalagents com/index php
    Server(s): - 24/7 dust server
    Community Group:
    Ventrilo/TeamSpeak Information: We have both Vent and mumble, but prefer mumble.

    Label: fatal agents (just a label for you to remember it)
    Address: mbl1 gameservers com
    Port: 10093 (this is different than the default setting)

    Rules in Realism: Not a realism clan.
    Other Info: We are hoping to unite the dods community by restarting an old league which has divisions. These divisions will split up clans that are starting up and the pros. I ask that 1st rb considers joining the DCL league. We are still short a few clans to start the next season.

    Here is the website: dodscommunityleague lefora com/

    We have scrimmed a couple times and had fun. I hope you guys had fun too and if you did, this league might be for you.

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