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    Post  Shorten [3rd RB] on Sun Nov 28, 2010 2:26 am

    Unit Name: Third Ranger Battalion
    CO: Captain Harper
    XO: Rangers don't have one!
    Company Sergeant: First Sergeant Bullock
    Public Affairs Official: Private First Class Shorten
    Server IP(s): Main:
    Website: www.3rdrangers.com
    Ventrilo IP: vent4.gameservers.com
    Ventrilo Port: 4483

    Other Information: On behalf of the Third Ranger Battalion we would like to reach out to your respected Unit with a Hooah!! The Third Rangers were resurrected on November 14 of 2008, and have been pushing forward ever since. The Third Rangers are always open to public play along with Friendly/Official Scrims with your unit. Please feel free to keep in contact with us, as we appreciate fellow units such as yours.

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