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    B. Emmure [1st RB]
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    Server Rules Empty Server Rules

    Post  B. Emmure [1st RB] on Thu May 27, 2010 8:49 am

    These are the Server rules for the 1st Ranger Battalion server!

    *No Racism
    *No Anti - Semetism
    *Respect for Admins
    *During Realisms follow proper code and procedures
    *During Realisms follow all proper procedures for assigning teams and setting up weapons and postions (Nothing stupid like all rockets, or snipers)
    *When you are asked to leave the server for reasons of 1st Ranger Battalion meetings or drills please do so and if not you will be kicked (Do not consider the kick out of spite but the need for room for 1st RB matters)
    *Stupidity and mic spam will not be tolerated unless it is tastful (Ex, insults, racial slurs, insulting ones views etc etc)

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